Labyrinth uses triaxle, quint and 7 axle dump trucks to provide the following services to it’s MD, DC, VA, DE and PA customers:

  • Hauling clean and contaminated dirt
  • Hauling waste concrete
  • Hauling sand
  • Hauling gravel
  • Hauling fluff
  • Hauling frag

Labyrinth services concrete plants, environmental plants, as well as smaller, private clients. We offer the professionalism of a large company and the one on one attention of a small company. We work closely with our customers to ensure orders are fulfilled in a safe, timely and cost-effective way. We specialize in our ability to accommodate last minute change orders at a higher rate than our competitors and our full time Transportation Manager ensures that orders are filled as requested and jobs run smoothly from start to finish. We offer the same service to all of our customers, regardless of the size or scope. No job is too big or small, Labyrinth does it all!