Labyrinth Logistics is a Baltimore based, family owned and operated, short haul trucking and logistics company operating in Upper Marlboro, MD. Labyrinth serves the Baltimore – Washington DC metropolitan area as well as regions of Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Utilizing our own fleet of heavy duty 6 and 7 axle dump trucks as well as over 30 subcontractor tri-axle dump trucks we offer safe and reliable hauling 7 days a week, year-round. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver more material faster, creating more efficiency and a better bottom line for our customers.

Labyrinth possesses a number of qualities that are keys to our success, including:

  • Focusing on our core business, short-haul of aggregate materials
  • Using trucks with higher load capacity
  • Leveraging in-truck telematics to optimize safety and efficiency
  • Operating with a high level of business standards
  • Demonstrating an inclusive, diverse, socially and environmentally responsible workplace
  • Maintaining a reputation of integrity and reliability in all that we do

These keys to our success have enabled us to build and maintain strong, long term relationships with our customers. We take a hands-on, customized approach to meet the needs of all of our clients, big and small.